Covid Guidelines and Safety Measures


Safety & Cleaning Measures


We will be cleaning the payment machine and counter in between each customers.

Our plan is to leave the front doors open to avoid the need for customer to touch them to come in and out of the store.

Clothes that are tried on will be steamed before being put back on the floor.

The bathroom will only be used to try on clothes, and will be cleaned in between customers.

If at any time we must get something for you or help you with anything we will wear a mask
and when possible I ask you to please keep the 6ft distance with us.

The dogs will be in the store but we ask that you do not pet them. They welcome a hello and will just be happy to see you all!!


Store Guidelines


At the moment we only take card payments, we apologize for any inconvenience

Please only 4 people in at a time. As I can only have 1 person wait for payment without blocking the entryway or the store flow.

With that in mind, please be mindful of people waiting to come in :)

Please use hand sanitizer provided by us before coming into the store.

I ask that you only touch and try on the items you are interested in buying please.

The try on of jewellery will be done a bit differently as well, we will guide you through it in store.

Masks are welcome and recommended when you are visiting the store. You protect me and all of our customers!!

Our return/exchange policy has changed to 7 days for both.
Please be aware that the item that is return/exchange cannot be put back on the floor immediately. It will have to be sanitized and if it cannot, it will be put aside for a safe period of time.

We still offer free gift wrapping but we will kindly ask you to give us notice by either purchasing online the day before or by picking up the next day. If the store is busy and/or have people waiting outside we will not be able to wrap on the spot as. We thank you for your understanding.


It goes without saying but if you are sick, have been in contact with someone that is sick or have been out of the province in the last 2 weeks PLEASE do not come into the store. I invite you to shop online and I will safely drop your order at your front porch!!


If you have any concern or questions about these policies please reach out to Joanie or Mark directly by email [email protected] or by phone 604-948-9315


**These Guidelines and Safety Measures are Subject to Change**