Back Packer - Fire Weed 9oz

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Scents - ambrette seed absolute | lily of the valley | peony
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Let the Adventure begin…

Backpacker: Hollow Tree’s Backpacker series is inspired by the painted strokes of Gordon Smith’s Shannon Falls, to the scenic vistas of alpine meadows where the Fireweed grows, forged by the textured granite of the sea to sky descending upon the sweet poetry of notes within Trails End, mesmerized by the west coast wilderness vistas and endless adventures of Canoe, forever intrigued and enchanted by the legendary Coastal Wolf.

Discovery the beauty of British Columbia’s backcountry nestled within a Hollow Tree candle.

Made in Canada, Hollow Tree Co. is a life of endless discovery through the art of scent.

Hollow Tree’s candles were created not only in the hope of expressing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but also in preservation of it and the rest of the world.

Wax: Coconut
Burntime: 60 hours
Oils: Plant Distilled, Non-Synthetic
Packaging: Recycled/able

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