How it all started...

In 1997 the founder of Ambiente moved from Germany to Canada with her husband and 2 children. After settling in with the family she wanted to bring a little bit of the world to our doorsteps; she wanted to create a place where we could get inspired and where we would find quality items from all over the world. 

Ambiente Tsawwassen was born in 2001. Three years after the opening, Jutta and her husband decided to open a 2nd location in South Surrey. Then, two years later, they opened up a coffee shop in Tsawwassen to fulfill the dream of creating a perfect shopping experience with a European flair; a little bistro attached to the store. It was a hit and the Ambience was complete. 

After running the stores and coffee shop happily and successfully for a number of years, Jutta decided to sell the South Surrey store. As a result, she was able to go back to Germany and spend more time visiting with her family, as now she only had the Tsawwassen store and her coffee shop to focus on. A few years later her children moved to Europe and Jutta decided it was time to close the coffee shop and move the store to a new location, as again it meant more time to go home to visit. 

Now, as both of her children live in Europe, Jutta and her husband have made the decision of moving back home to Germany. This was something that was always in the back of their minds and with the family all there it seemed like the right time.

For 17 years Jutta has personally shopped for the store; she has an eye for design and seems to always know what we will want to put in our homes. She has travelled the world looking for the perfect products for us. For so many years now residents of Tsawwassen have trusted her to help make their homes very special. Not only has Ambiente been featured in House and Home magazine, Jutta's own house, beautifully decorated, was shown in Style At Home magazine. Ambiente has been a staple in Tsawwassen for many years and is famous for its Christmas Vernissage. 

Jutta has helped us tell the story of who we are with the little things that fills our hearts. 



and now...


The ambiente familly

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