Car Diffuser - Heavenly Sun

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The sun goes down on the horizon, a gentle ray of light comes through the window on the driver's side accompanied by oriental floral scents. A moment lost in time..
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The Heavenly Sun Car Diffuser - Resonance Collection is adorned with a magnificent glossy champagne hue that underscores its graphic shape. This modern and sparkling colour puts you in mind of the sun and its aesthetic appearance gracefully embellishes the interior of your car. The Heavenly Sun perfume contained in the ceramic refill reveals fragrances that are simultaneously gentle, floral and sensual, evocative of the Orient. Its light intensity of 2 out of 5 is suitable for people who are sensitive to aromas diffused inside a car. This highly contemporary Heavenly Sun Car Diffuser - Resonance Collection is an ode to life and to light. You can refill it at any time with the Heavenly Sun Car Diffuser Refill.

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