Hand Crafted Canadian Bath Soak

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This soak will help energize your body, mind and soul. Featuring a combination of purifying natural mineral-rich Canadian Sea Salt & therapeutic grade of Epsom salts turns your tub into a home spa.



Melt away stress and sooth tired muscles with our Organic Eucalyptus Mineral Sea Soak. Handcrafted with all-natural mineral-rich Canadian Sea Salts made from the pristine coastal waters of Vancouver Island.

Lazy Lavender:

Making our Lazy Lavender Sea Soak a part of your rejuvenation therapy will help calm, revitalize and balance the mind and body.

Raincoast Tree Hugger: 

Bring a sense of sacredness to life with our Tree Hugger blend. Allow the fresh scent of aromatic Fir needles and Cedar leaves from the west coast rainforest connect you to the nurturing aspects of nature and help strengthen your spirit.

Rosemary Mint:

Organic Peppermint & Organic Rosemary Essential Oil are blended with the highest quality seaweed hand-harvested sustainably on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

West Coast Honeysuckle:

This Calming blend has a fruity and warm aroma with hints of honey and ripe citrus


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